Welcome to Greycells Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

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Greycells is a dedicated and continuous effort towards the evolvement of therapeutically effective which are clinically proven molecules and are cost effective and with a committed quality .

The critical health services like Supportive care and Clinical Enteral Nutrition etc are taken by Greycells to start with . Greycells offers a wide range supportive care and Clinical Nutrition Products that help enhance the quality of life of every single critically ill.


Greycells is a enterprising and energetic player offering innovative prescription medicines which clinically treat patients, facilitate medical fraternity as well support the patients, to fight the deadly diseases as well in the critical conditions.

Our goal is to build an industry leading position by applying cutting edge scientific tools to develop best in class products, by meeting the needs of customers better that our competitors, by recruiting the best and the brightest workforce in the industry, by searching for and collaborating with strategic partners who will help us bring the novel products to the market .


Having a Quest to sustain and improve the quality of life, with relentless focus on innovative entrepreneurship, and with emphasis on research, the company aims to contribute to the knowledge and understandings of the medical sciences in above areas global quality standards and effective management of critical illness through newer products.

Our weapons in this endeavour are Strive for innovation leading us towards medical breakthrough, our ceaseless commitment to offer world class quality of life of every critically ill across the globe and above all a deep concern for saving lives worldwide, which is what makes us truly proud of ourselves and give us true meaning of enterprise.